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So there are a few prints on da and little trinkets that I want. So I am trying to save up enough points to get them. Here are some ways you can help me and I will do something in return.
1) U can just be nice and donate for the heck of it.
2) I can make you a gif (points not required but gladly accepted)
3) I can also make you a picture of whatever you want. (points not required but gladly accepted)
4) ill give u a llama for a point (or a llama)
So yeah. Please help me get enough points!


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    Donated May 17, 2014, 1:15:14 PM
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    Donated May 17, 2014, 1:37:43 AM


Total: 7

[ ] cry a lot. 
[ ] I go to local shows.
[ ] I wear black everyday
[ ] I write sad poetry. 
[ ] I play an acoustic guitar. 
[x] My favorite bands include: Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance, or Panic! at the Disco.
[ ] I think about suicide or death often.
[x] People have told me to cheer up.
[x] I cry when I see dead animals.
[ ] My myspace Facebook pics are black or white or angled.
[ ] I wear many band shirts. (Don't have any sadly. :/ )
[x] No one understands me. 
[ ] I don't talk too often.
[x] I look down when I walk.
[ ] I wear black eyeliner.
[ ] I have an ex I still cry over.
[ ] My hair is black 
[x] My hair covers one of my eyes. 
[x] I always say 'life sucks'. 

Total: 14 1/2

[/] I have straight A's. 
[ ] I wear glasses. 
[/] I always do my homework and study. 
[ ] Lord of the Rings was a massive achievement. 
[x] Computer games.
[x] I'm 'teachers pet'.
[x] I've never had a real boyfriend girlfriend.
[/] I have a bedtime. (Just around 10-12ish XD )
[ ] I use an asthma inhaler.
[x] I carry a calculator with me. 
[x] I bring my lunch to school. 
[x] I always follow the rules.
[x] I'm shy around the opposite sex.
[x] I'm always on the computer. 
[x] I've never had beer or cigarettes. (on accident :l)
[ ] I always answer every question in class right.
[x] I correct people's grammar.
[x] I read a lot.
[x] School is very important to me.
[x] I always stump people. (using book references :D)

Total: 4

[ ] I always speak my mind.
[ ] I have 0% of school spirit.
[ ] F*ck you, I won't do what you tell me!
[x] I stand up for what I think is right.
[ ] On spirit days at school, I wear the rival's colors. 
[ ] Whenever people are doing something, I do the complete opposite.
[ ] I won't listen to authority figures. 
[ ] I always break the rules.
[ ] I refuse to compromise. 
[x] I'm always arguing with people. 
[x] I love debate.
[ ] I always do what's unexpected of me.
[ ] I don't give a sh*t what people think of me.
[x] If I watch a cruddy movie in theaters, right after it's over, I'll say 'that sucked'. 
[ ] I'm not afraid to contradict others.
[ ] I only respect my own beliefs.
[ ] If I don't want to do something, I won't do it, no matter what.
[ ] I laugh at compromising people.
[ ] I cheer on the rival's sport team to stand out.
[ ] Rules were meant to be broken. 

Total: 4

[ ] I'm on one or more sport teams. 
[ ] I always wear my varsity jacket. 
[ ] I've won awards for my athletic ability.
[ ] I will only date popular girls guys.
[x] School Spirit 
[ ] I'm going to a college for sports 
[ ] I watch sports on TV all the time 
[ ] I'm muscular.
[x] I play sports or exercise at least 3 hours a day. (soccer O3O )
[x] Go Team! 
[ ] I'm a chick dude magnet.
[x] I eat a lot. 
[ ] I'm egotistical. 
[ ] I'm too focused on sports to make really good grades.
[ ] I sit at the jock lunch table.  
[ ] All I talk about with my friends is sports.
[ ] I go to lots of sports games. 
[ ] I'm very athletic
[ ] I wear sport inspired clothing.
[ ] play at least 3 different sports.  

Total: 14

[x] I'm funny.
[x] I'm always making jokes. 
[ ] I interrupt class by making people laugh.
[ ] I like to entertain people.
[ ] I worship Kevin Smith.
[x] I watch comedies more than anything. 
[ ] I also watch SNL and Mad TV a lot
[x] I'm sarcastic. 
[x] I've been told I'm hilarious.
[x] I always imitate people.
[x] I pull lots of pranks. 
[x] I always make sarcastic remarks after everything. 
[x] I have to prove myself by being funny.
[ ] People expect me to make jokes, always.
[ ] I have a lot of pressure to make everyone laugh.
[x] If I don't make jokes, people ask me what's wrong.
[x] Jim Carrey is my idol.
[x] I mostly get along with everybody. 
[x] At pep rallies, I'm the one acting crazy and silly. 
[x] My teachers or parents tell me I need to focus more on work and less on joking around.

Total: 8

[ ] I don't have a lot of friends. 
[ ] I don't talk too much.
[x] It's not that I'm snobby, I just get nervous when talking to people. 
[x] When people say my name, others say 'who?'
[x] I'm pretty sure mostly no one knows who I am.
[x] People have told me I need to talk more. 
[ ] I only talk when other people talk to me first
[ ] I look down when I walk.
[x] I avoid social gatherings, such as games, dances, or parties.
[ ] People have tried to help me be more outgoing, but it never works.
[x] I always plan to talk to more people, but I never do. 
[ ] I sit in the back of the classroom 
[ ] I never participate in class discussions. 
[x] I hide behind people to avoid being seen sometimes.
[ ] I could never be a cashier, talking to strangers.
[ ] I talk quietly. 
[x] People have called me shy or quiet. (until they get to know me :P)
[ ] I usually let others decide for me.
[ ] If someone is talking about my favorite book or movie in front of me, I don't join in the conversation.

Total: 5

[ ] I wear black. 
[ ] I don't like to be seen.
[ ] I'm very, very pale.
[x] I only listen to metal or emo-ish music. (does skillet count?)
[x] I love creepy, weird movies.
[x] I love gothic cartoons and drawings. 
[ ] I don't like people.
[ ] I only go out during the night. 
[ ] I have black fingernails. 
[ ] I wear a long black coat. 
[ ] I also wear big black boots. 
[ ] 'The Crow' is one of my favorite movies. 
[ ] I only date other Goths.
[ ] I love black humor. 
[ ] I love pain.
[x] People think I'm crazy.
[ ] I don't talk to anyone who isn't as deep as me.
[x] I love to scare people 
[ ] I laugh at teenyboppers.
[ ] People are scared of me.

Total: 14

[x] I talk to myself.
[x] I say really random things all the time have to say it out loud. 
[x] I fidget a lot.
[ ] I still use a wheeled backpack.
[x] People laugh at me. 
[ ] I walk really funny.
[x] I have a very different sense of style. 
[ ] I talk in a robot voice often. 
[ ] I'll stop whatever I'm doing, and break out in a crazy dance if the mood strikes. 
[x] I debate stuff with myself.
[x] I hear voices.
[x] I'm obsessed with aliens and the other planets 
[x] I have a fascination with robots and machinery. 
[x] I use really big words no one understands, and they give me weird looks. (occasionally)
[x] I say random lines of babbling that make sense to no one but me.
[x] I dart my eyes from side to side.
[ ] I always pretend I'm a robot or other weird non human thing.
[x] People have no idea why I think the way I do.
[ ] I have some very unusual, extraordinary talents.
[x] When people ask me if I like something that's trendy, I pretend to be scared or confused. 

Total: 5

[x] I hate/dislike most people.
[ ] I prefer to be alone.
[ ] When people talk to me, I just give them a death glare 
[ ] Actually, most people don't talk to me.
[ ] People are freaking idiots and I wish they'd all die. 
[ ] I live in my room, writing in my diary. On the computer... 
[ ] I go out my way to avoid everyone.
[ ] I never greet anyone. 
[ ] I despise people who talk too loudly. 
[ ] I want people to think I'm a freak. 
[ ] I never talk.
[ ] I can't wait to get off this earth. 
[ ] I always sit by myself at lunch or anywhere else.
[x] I listen to music on full blast on my ipod mp4 player headphones to block out the world.
[x] I don't know why I am the way I am. 
[ ] People have said I'm antisocial.
[ ] I use drugs or alcohol to escape the loneliness. 
[x] Why bother when people don't like you anyways?
[x] I occupy myself so it won't look like I'm a loner. 
[ ] I just don't get along with anyone.

Total: 5

[ ] I skateboard to everywhere.
[ ] If I'm not skateboarding, I carry it with me.
[ ] I shop at Pacsun. 
[ ] I'm obsessed with Tony Hawk. 
[ ] Oh yeah, and Bam Margera.
[ ] I always play skateboarding video games
[x] I have shaggy hair. 
[x] I wear baggy pants.
[ ] I wear only skater shoes.
[x] I always wear hoodies. 
[ ] I hang at skate parks 24/7.
[ ] I'm always learning new board tricks.
[ ] Forget school, I want to be a professional skateboarder. 
[ ] I've been skateboarding for over 4 years.
[ ] I hang with other skaters.
[x] I've been hurt while skateboarding. (thats why i dont do it anymore X"D )
[ ] I've been in a skateboarding competition.
[x] I wear vans.
[ ] Tony Hawks games wn.  
[ ] I've met some of my closest friends at skate parks.

Total: 6

[x] I say 'yo'. 
[x] I also say 'fo shizzle'. 
[ ] I wear extremely baggy pants.
[ ] Mah chainz hang low. 
[x] I hang with my homies, biotches, and Hoe's (i aint usin that slang tho)
[ ] I'm a thug.   
[ ] I only listen to rap music.
[ ] 50 Cent is my idol.
[ ] I don't give a fuck about school.  
[x] I steal/have stolen before (I changed O-O)
[ ] I freestyle. 
[ ] I breakdance.
[ ] Gold chainz is tha way to go, biotch. 
[ ] I'm white but I act black. 
[ ] All my heroes are dead rappers.
[ ] Tupac is still alive. (LOL)
[x] I party with all my niggas. (not to be racist XD )
[ ] I wear a sideways baseball cap. 
[x] I wear hoodies.
[ ] I wear converse with the tongue flipped out. 

Total: 3 (I'm so not that mean tho :P)

[ ] I always steal people's lunch money. 
[ ] Geeks are afraid of me.
[ ] I get in trouble all the time.
[ ] I steal people's stuff to be an a**hole.
[ ] People have called me a bully.  
[ ] I have beaten someone up before. 
[ ] I'm always looking for a fight.
[ ] I pick on people smaller than me.
[ ] I push people out of the way when I'm walking. 
[x] I've never been in a relationship before. (who needs real ppl when u have fictional characters?! :"D)
[ ] People are afraid of me. 
[x] People know not to mess with me. 
[ ] I'm bigger than most people my age.
[ ] I pick on people for the fun of it.
[x] I make fun of everything anyone else likes. 
[ ] If anyone crosses my path, they're dead.
[ ] People know not to try and stick up for themselves when I'm around.
[ ] I'm one of the strongest kids in school. 
[ ] Even some authority figures are afraid of me.
[ ] People get out of my way when I'm walking. 

Total: 12

[x] I own at least 2 different video game consoles. (i have like every gaming system known to man X"D)
[x] I love Final Fantasy.
[x] DDR & Guitar Hero 
[ ] I've missed school before because I was trying to beat a video game. 
[x] I'm always trying to beat high scores on games.  
[x] I even play a lot of computer games. (but i mostly stick to mc)
[x] I play at least 3 hours of video games a day.
[ ] My thumbs are sore often. 
[ ] I spend all my money on new video games.
[x] My boyfriend girlfriend has to be into video games. 
[x] All I talk about is video games. 
[ ] I've been in a video game competition before 
[ ] I pay over 30$ a month in online games. 
[ ] I have bought more than 5 accessories for my console (i get video game stuff for free biotch. its called garage sales :3)
[ ] I know about more than 10 cheats and mods in the game I play most
[x] I have played at least a complete week in the game I like most. (probably at LEAST a year) 
[x] I wouldn't know what to do in an afternoon without electricity. 
[x] My parents often tell the internet is broken or simply disconnect it so I don't spend whole weekends and holidays playing.
[x] I have more than one online account on the same game. (my friend gave meh dem) 

Total: 9 (ew wtf 9?)

[x] I have long hair. (ish)
[ ] I wear make up every day. (neverrrr)
[x] I carry a purse. (eg no. only when i HAVE to)
[x] I have to get someone else to come kill a spider. (i just dont like dem wee lil legs and those evillll eyes)
[x] I paint my nails 
[x] I use perfume (only to cover up my natural "beautiful" aroma) 
[ ] I keep my nails clean shaped (hahahahaha... no)
[ ] I shower regularly (...)
[ ] I used to or still do Dance, Gymnastics, or Cheer Pom
[ ] I like to accessorize 
[x] I like flowers. (imma sort of hippy :P)
[ ] I don't like to be outdoors (wtf what is wrong with u ppl?! outdoors rules)
[ ] I'm more like my mother than my father.
[ ] I like hanging out with girls than boys.
[x] I like going to the mall shopping. (only when i get stuff tho :P)
[ ] I watch my weight/count calories. (i wish XD)
[ ] I plan outfits ahead of time (used to)
[ ] People say I have a soft sweet voice. (*deep voice* WASUP BRUH?!)
[x] I dream about and am already planning my wedding day 
[x] I watch dramatic shows on tv, soap operas, reality TV, etc 

Total: 16

[x] I have short hair. (my hair is longish shortish XD)
[x] I hate doing laundry.
[x] I like war type video games. 
[x] I like playing or watching sports
[x] People say I have a deep voice.
[x] I'm more like my dad than my mom. 
[x] I beat up or tease my younger siblings or friends. 
[x] I act tough, it doesn't matter what's going on inside me. 
[ ] There's only two emotions 
[x] I shower only when I start to notice I stink
[x] I think about the opposite sex a lot.
[x] My room isn't neat.
[x] I bite my nails instead of using scissors clippers.
[x] My clothes don't match sometimes, but I don't notice or care
[x] I like to play rough with dogs. 
[ ] I like the movies 300, Transformers, The Dark Knight. 
[x] The best way to get the opposite sex to like you is to act like a jerk (sometimes :P)
[ ] I don't read 
[x] I don't ask for help even if I need it.

APPARENTLY I AM BOYISH O3O Makes sense since most of my friends in elementary were guys XD I really don't fit in when my friends talk all girly :P bwahahaha *snort* too bad for dem losuhs. 

Got this from my good ol' pal :iconseaweedbrain10124:
I tag: :iconcraftynichole: :iconvinylscratch3: :iconsonickirbylover: :iconsugerpie56: :iconmcrloversam: :iconkatiekat86:


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So I have all of my art available as prints. But I think that I am going to create a new folder for my personal faves so people can see my best work. ^-^ It might take a while though since I have so many pictures. :P
U all know that if u ask me to draw something i will (donations are kindly accepted)
I ACCEPT ALL CHALLENGES EVEN IF IT FAILS I WILL POST IT Challenge Accepted animated by Azraeuz

BUFFY FAN! Tucker's Brother by MiZuKiIsMeBtVS stamps: Amy by SeverkaBtVS stamps: Mayor by SeverkaBtVS stamps: Jenny by SeverkaBtVS stamps: Anya by SeverkaBtVS stamps: Snyder by SeverkaBtVS stamps: Kendra by SeverkaBtVS stamps: Wesley by SeverkaBtVS stamps: Drusilla by SeverkaBtVS stamps: Joyce by SeverkaBtVS stamps: Faith by SeverkaBtVS stamps: Spike by SeverkaBtVS stamps: Angel by SeverkaBtVS stamps: Oz by SeverkaBtVS stamps: Cordelia by SeverkaBtVS stamps: Giles by SeverkaBtVS stamps: Xander by SeverkaBtVS stamps: Willow by SeverkaBtVS stamps: Buffy by SeverkaBuffy Stamp by deadspaceheartStamp Buffy and Spike by Calypso18And Then Buffy Staked Edward by stamps-clubAngel Stamp by deadspaceheartTara and Willow Stamp by MoRbiD-ViXeNLove for the Watchers Stamp by MoRbiD-ViXeNChose to be a Slayer by DisneyWizSpike is my Homeboy Stamp by Kate419882James Marsters Stamp by slayerchick303Team Spike Stamp by PoisonousKittenAF :: Spike Stamp by WishmasterKamiExcept for BUNNIES by Tibb-Wolf
DOCTOR WHO FAN! 11th Doctor Stamp (Request) by LinkinParkBronyEleventh Doctor by BlueRavenAngelEleventh Doctor Love Stamp by rawienDoctor Who Stamp by OatzyDoctor Who Stamp by MalcassairoWaving Doctor Stamp by TwilightProwlerDancing Doctor Stamp by TwilightProwlerDoctor Who Stamp by Kezzi-Rosethe doctor stamp by Stamp-Your-StampDancing Doctor 11 Stamp by TwilightProwlerI Believe in The Doctor Stamp by TenthyDoctor Who Stamp by Vampiric-Time-LordHello Doctor Stamp by TwilightProwlerStamp :: I (Heart Heart) Doctor Who by homestucktroll123WAAAAAAH DOCTOR by CattBonEleventh Doctor Stamp by TwilightProwlermy Doctor by obsidianstampsI Wanna Be the Doctor by AzysStampsDOCTOR?? by TotalrandomnessDW Winking Doctor Stamp by TwilightProwlerNodding Doctor Stamp by TwilightProwlerThe Doctor and Rose by NihrenRiver and Doctor by fricken-pimpDalek Stamp by CarthorisDoctor Who Stamp by LunaticStar Doctor Who - Fezes are Cool by i-stamp I Support Daleks by HugQueen The Angels Have The Phonebox by DragonBoosterGirlDoctor Who: I Don't Agree by AnimeGal007
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NOT a Shy Pony Stamp by Aletheiia90My Little Pony Friendship is Magic by ZimsSisterRandom Stamps : Challenge Accepted Celestia by KevfinPony stamp by Shabi000MLP:FIM Stamp by Krazy-ChibiMy Little Pony Generalization Stamp by Ninjacat234This is a Stamp? by Candy-Swirloh look a stamp READ DESC. by Croconut:thumb302819653:Ponies by ToonfreakFluttershy and Discord stamp by SekhmetttRainbow Dash Stamp by GekxGevalYOU'RE GOING TO LOVE ME by GeminiGirl83Discord Stamp by jewlechoNightmare Moon Stamp by jewlecho
X-Files Fan! :3
.:The X-Files Stamp:. by InfinitiesEndX-Files Stamp by Naaya-NekoSTAMP: The X-Files by neurotripsyStamp - The X-Files by TheSallySagaStamp: X-Files intro by LuLuLunaBunaX Stamp by GabbyWonkaLone Gunmen Stamp by TheSylverLiningFox Mulder Stamp by PixieDust01Female Sci-fi Fan - stamp by TwinTwosGirlStamp - X-Files by MauserGirlTrust No One Stamp by Mirz123Sculder Stamp by KuraiTalonScully Stamp by KuraiTalonFox Mulder stamp by PlooshyThe Truth Is Out There by TheSallySagabelieve by PBStampandStockX-Fan by Estraven001
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Torchwood stamp by Keiko-KogaTorchwood Stamp by OatzyTorchwood Stamp by LittleCrowStudioTorchwood Logo Stamp by raven-prydeDW+TW: We've Got Jack -Slash- by MChilzOwen Harper Stamp by justdacatd o c t o r by TheCroeJack and Ianto Stamp by extraordi-mary jackianto stamp by chuui-chanIanto Phones Stamp by Kinky-chichiBlip in Time Janto Stamp by Kinky-chichiJanto Stamp by Kinky-chichiTorchwood - Ianto Stamp 1 by policegirl01
Torchwood Stamp-Jack by CarthorisTorchwood Stamp - Tosh by CarthorisTorchwood Stamp - Ianto by CarthorisTorchwood Stamp - Gwen by Carthoris TW Children of Earth stamp by virunee RIP Ianto Jones by Foxxie-Chan Ianto stamp by jzzzzzzzzzzz Bloody Beans by SoupyFox Torchwood Fan Stamp by ViciousCherry Owen Harper stamp by Keiko-Koga

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